EDOWA Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of the EDO’s operations. Students studying law and related disciplines frequently volunteer their time to help meet the demand for the EDO’s services. Volunteers without legal training also provide invaluable support by assisting with administrative tasks, fund-raising and general research.

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  • Mariko Hunt


    Mariko Hunt

    Mariko is a recent Law/Media Studies graduate from Notre Dame who is completing her Practical Legal Training at the EDOWA.  She is also a 2017 Piddington Justice Fellow and is enthusiastic about improving access to justice and sustainability. When she is not learning how to be a lawyer or updating the EDOWA Instagram you will find her at the beach, practicing yoga or the “funny baby goat videos” part of the internet.


  • Jonathon Davidson


    Jonathon Davidson

    Jonathon Davidson is a Journalism graduate assisting with communications duties at EDOWA.

  • Emiko Watanabe


    Emiko Watanabe

    Emiko is currently studying her Bachelor of Laws at Murdoch University. With an existing background in sustainable development, volunteering at EDOWA seemed a natural fit. Prior to her law studies, Emiko has worked in government and non-profit sectors, and has always gravitated towards work that benefits the community and the public interest. She finds it great to work with down to earth and likeminded people who are passionate about environmental change! When she’s not volunteering at EDOWA, you can find her at a local gig, art exhibition or on the radio at RTRFM.

  • Eliza Cowling


    Eliza Cowling

    After living in London for the past few years Eliza Cowling has returned to Perth to study Arts Management at WAAPA. Eliza is assisting the EDOWA in our inaugural arts fundraiser, helping to create a successful event.

  • Lea Hiltenkamp


    Lea Hiltenkamp

    Lea Hiltenkamp is a penultimate year Juris Doctor Student at the University of Western Australia. Upon graduation she would like to ideally practice in an area of social justice, with a focus on environmental law. Volunteering at the EDOWA has helped her to apply theoretical environmental law knowledge in actual legal practice. Lea is also enjoying being at the EDOWA because it is allowing her to experience a much wider range of new and interesting environmental issues which had not been covered in her studies. When not at the EDOWA you will find Lea planning future travels, experimenting with Japanese recipes or reading the newest book she picked up at her local independent bookstore.

  • Tom Kettle


    Tom Kettle

    Tom recently graduated from Law at the University of Notre Dame, after completing a BA at the University of Western Australia with majors in Political Science and International Relations and Anthropology. He is currently completing his PLT with the College of Law and pursuing his passion for environment and sustainability law/policy, conservation issues and social justice, by volunteering at EDOWA and CCWA. He spends his free time mind surfing or immersing himself in the real deal, camping, fishing and exploring in remote parts of Australia.

  • Gabrielle Inga

    Gabrielle Inga

    Gabrielle Inga is in her penultimate year at Curtin University, studying a Bachelor of Laws and Arts majoring in International Relations. Passionate about real action on climate change and Indigenous rights, Gabrielle enjoys volunteering at EDOWA as she finds she can align her values with work that has a real impact on the wider community.

    Gabrielle is currently providing administrative assistance to the Principal Solicitor, in addition to legal research.

  • Somayya Ismailjee


    Somayya Ismailjee

    Somayya is a Bachelor of Laws student at Murdoch University, having previously graduated from the University of Western Australia with a degree in History and Political Science. She enjoys volunteering at EDOWA because of its vital work in promoting environmental and social justice, and the dedication of the staff and other volunteers.
  • Kelsey Brosens


    Kelsey Brosens

    Kelsey Brosens is a final year student at Edith Cowan University finalising her Bachelor of Laws, having previously completed a degree in Criminology and Justice.  Kelsey has a passion for environmental, administrative and commercial areas of law and such she is currently a volunteer at EDOWA in a paralegal and administrative capacity in order to help protect Western Australia’s environmental assets.

    Kelsey enjoys learning about real-world applications of learned theory within her education and is eager to increase her knowledge of her current interests in law.

  • Mara Papavassiliou

    Mara Papavassiliou

    Mara Papavassiliou is a recent Juris Doctor graduate who has been volunteering at the EDOWA since early 2018. Having previously completed a Bachelor of Arts (Communications Studies), she has been assisting with legal research and the EDOWA’s communications strategies. Working at the EDOWA has allowed her to combine her passions to ensure both legal action for the environment and holistic and long-term change in policy.