We would not be successful without the commitment of extraordinary and passionate people, dedicated to protecting WA's environment.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

The EDO is an incorporated association. Its affairs are overseen by a Management Committee which is elected annually by EDO members. The current Management Committee includes conservationists, community representatives and practising lawyers. The legal practice is managed by a Principal Solicitor, who is assisted by staff and volunteers.

The current Management Committee of the EDO is

  • Alex Gardner


    Alex Gardner

    Alex Gardner is a Professor of Law at the University of Western Australia and has more than 30 years’ experience as an environmental lawyer across Australia. He was part of the legal team that stopped old growth logging in south-west WA in the mid-1990s and helped found the EDO.  Alex has a special teaching and research interest in water resources and the environment: http://www.law.uwa.edu.au/research/water-resources-reform .

  • Becky Rorrison


    Becky Rorrison

    Becky was admitted in 1997 and is a senior legal officer with the Legal Profession Complaints Committee and an adjunct lecturer in Ethics & Professional Responsibilities at the College of Law. She’s been a guest speaker in Ethics at Murdoch University, Notre Dame University, UWA, Legalwise and the Law Society. She has worked in both the private and government sector and with a national community legal clinic. Becky is a keen camper and wanderer with her husband and 3 children.

  • George Lowry


    George Lowry

    George has significant experience in finance, management and operations including roles as CEO, CFO and BDM across the commercial and not-for-profit sectors. He holds a MBA and Graduate Certicate Finance from Edith Cowan University and is a member of IPA and AICD. George currently runs his own management consultancy.

  • Peter Rogers


    Peter Rogers

    Peter is a graduate of Murdoch University in the areas of law, journalism, public policy and politics/international studies. He currently works as a Governance Officer for the Gumala Foundation which provides poverty alleviation projects to the Banyjima, Innawonga and Nyiyaparli people of the Pilbara. He is also currently a Councillor for the City of Mandurah.

  • Michael Bennett


    Michael Bennett

    Michael was Principal Solicitor of the EDOWA between 1996 and 2002. Since that time he has pursued a strong interest in environmental protection and better environmental laws through positions in the State and Commonwealth public sector and as a parliamentary researcher for the Greens (WA). He is currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Law at the University of Western Australia.

  • Anna Bond


    Anna Bond

    Anna is currently a solicitor at an international law firm, where she has been involved with both environmental law and dispute resolution matters. She is a committee member of the National Environmental Law Association (WA Chapter) and has a strong interest in environmental law and public interest litigation.

  • Lorna Clarke


    Lorna Clarke

    Lorna Clarke is a Senior Compliance Specialist at Western Power. She recently completed a Masters of Regulation from the London School of Economics (LSE) and worked for the energy regulator, Ofgem, in London. With significant experience in Government, advising two Attorneys-General and a Senator, Lorna also holds a Masters of Environmental Law at the Australian National University (ANU), specialising in environmental litigation, climate change and water law. Her thesis considered how effective Strategic Environmental Assessment was under the EPBC Act. Lorna has a passion for administrative law, governance and empowering local communities to create legal reform.

  • Mia Pepper


    Mia Pepper

    Mia is an outstanding young campaigner who for the past six years has led the successful campaign to prevent uranium mining in WA. She has done remarkable work in building alliances across all community sectors and in the most remote communities of outback Western Australia. She has also led the preparation of detailed technical submissions against proposed uranium mines for input to state and federal processes.

  • Peter Robertson


    Peter Robertson

    Peter has been an environmental campaigner in WA, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria for the past 35 years and has helped lead successful environmental campaigns including the WA old growth forests campaign against the giant gas hub at James Price Point in the Kimberley. He was an active supporter of the establishment of the EDOWA in the 1990’s and has been involved with the EDO throughout most of its 20 year history.