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Inquiry into National Water Reform – EDOs of Australia submission

EDOWA recently contributed to an EDOs of Australia submission to the inquiry into National Water Reform. The inquiry is being conducted by the Productivity Commission.

The objective of this inquiry is to allow an assessment of progress in achieving the objectives and outcomes of the National Water Initiative (NWI) and the need for any future reform.

The five issues EDOA identified are:

1. Access to information
2. Compliance, enforcement and markets
3. Climate change
4. Protection of environmental water
5. Extractive industries including mining


  1. EDOA recommends that steps are taken to improve transparency and free public access to information.
  2. That detailed and decisive action is undertaken by relevant agencies into the lack of uniform regulation and enforcement measures for all catchments; that action is undertaken into inaccurate water metering and reporting; and that action is undertaken by these same agencies to address related distortions in the water market.
  3. That climate change be addressed within the National Water Initiative in order to maintain water security for the environment, industry and regional communities.
  4. That environmental water held by the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) is protected from extraction as it flows through the system.
  5. That extractive industries are included within broader, uniform planning and water entitlement frameworks in all jurisdictions.