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EDOWA 2017 Art Auction

We are proud to announce that EDOWA’s first ever online Art Auction is now live on Galabid at galabid.com/edowa.

The auction will remain open throughout November (bidding closes on 30 November) and features some incredible pieces by amazing Western Australian artists. Not only will your purchase help support these very talented local artists, it will also help the environment by helping to fund EDOWA. The funds raised will assist EDOWA to continue to provide public interest legal services to the Western Australian community.

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Gondwana Link Workshop

South Western Australia has been identified as one of 35 of the World’s major biodiversity hotspots that are currently threatened by habitat loss and degradation, with our biodiversity being in decline. This is not just due to the changing climate, but is also being caused by human activities such as land clearing, land fragmentation, invasive species and unsuitable use and management of our natural resources. With that in mind, EDOWA has been working with Gondwana Link, on a law reform project that is reviewing existing conservation and biodiversity laws, applicable in Australia’s south-west, for the purposes of identifying law reform opportunities to improve a large scale biodiversity outcomes. In addition to law reform recommendations, other outcomes of the project will include the launch of new and updated EDOWA factsheets relevant to biodiversity conservation.

As part of the Gondwana Link project, the EDOWA hosted a targeted focus session in Albany on 12 October 2017. Participants on the day included local landholders, members of the Western Australia Landcare Network, Greening Australia, Conservation Council of WA, and representatives from DBCA, Gondwana Link and the EDOWA.

The focus session aimed to further inform the project on some of the constraints, barriers and opportunities that stakeholders are facing in their efforts to achieve conservation based outcomes in the south west. Key themes of the day were habitat management and protection, invasive species management, land tenure challenges and fire management.

The day was a great success, with much passion and knowledge ensuring that the project has a great understanding to move forward with. The learnings from this session will now become the focus of the upcoming legal audit, which is central to how we identify and utilise law reform opportunities to improve biodiversity outcomes.


EDOWA Art Auction Tickets

The EDOWA is excited to announce the launch of its first online art auction – an important fundraiser to support both EDOWA as well as Western Australian artists. The auction will run for the month of November and will include spectacular Art from artists from across the State. We hope that you will be able to join us at the launch event on Wednesday 1 November for an opportunity to preview some of the incredible art being featured in the auction.

Tickets are available via Trybooking. Get yours today!

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Ticketing: Carbon Budgets and the Law Seminar

The Environmental Defender’s Office WA and UWA’s Centre for Mining Energy and Natural Resources Law invite you to join us for a legal seminar on Carbon Budgets and the Law. The Paris Agreement’s 1.5-2C temperature goal implies a global carbon budget which presents challenges to every economy and industrial sector. These are particularly acute in areas like mining and energy and create important dilemmas for lawyers and other professionals advising in this area.

This seminar is an important opportunity to hear from experienced speakers on the concept of the carbon budget and its legal implications.

The Seminar will take place on Tuesday 10 October 2017 from 5:30-7PM at the Law Lecture Theatre, UWA.

Light refreshments will be served after the seminar.

CPD points will be allocated for attendance as follows:
Category 3 – Ethics – 0.5 points
Category 4 – Substantive Law – 1 point

About the speakers:

David Ritter
Greenpeace Australia Pacific, UWA & Sydney University
As a former lawyer practising in mining, energy and native title WA, the current CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, David Ritter is in a unique position to give insights into some of the challenges arising for mining and petroleum lawyers working in a carbon constrained world.

Professor John Chandler
Co-director of the Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources
“High value, low carbon” is how one CEO of a major international oil company described its strategy going forward. This encapsulates the dilemma for companies which must balance obligations to their shareholders with complying with the UN’s sustainability goals. John will consider the efforts made by companies to achieve this balance, and what the implications are.

Michael Bennett
UWA PhD Candidate, formerly Commonwealth Department of Environment
The Paris Agreement’s 1.5-2C temperature goal implies a global “carbon budget”, or limited quantity of greenhouse gas emissions that can be emitted consistently with that goal. National emission reduction goals are also increasingly being expressed in carbon budget terms.
Michael will consider the emergence of the concept of the carbon budget, its use in theClimate Change Act 2008 (UK), and the case for the enactment of Commonwealth and Western Australian legislation of this kind.

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Community Legal Education

In addition to providing legal advice and litigation in public interest environmental matters, EDOWA also conducts community legal education workshops and presentations.

Our most recent presentations were held on 12 August, when EDOWA conducted a presentation overviewing Environmental Law in WA:

In June, EDOWA headed up to Broome to hold workshops on Gas Fracking and the Monsoonal Vine Thicket.

Presentation Slides

Click on the links to view the presentation slides and discover more about these topical issues.