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Centre for Stories Provide Scott Ludlam’s Speech with EDOWA

This post was first published on, hosts of EDOWA’s Dreaming Green event.

On June 6th, Centre for Stories hosted an event in collaboration with Environmental Defender’s Office WA (EDOWA) for World Environment Day 2017. ‘Dreaming Green: Envisioning a Sustainable Future Through Storytelling’ was a fundraiser event hoping to raise money for EDOWA’s crowdfunding campaign.

Our two speakers for the evening were Kate Kelly,  convenor of the Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign group, and Senator Scott Ludlam, Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and the West Australian Greens representative in the Senate. Both speakers were kind enough to share with us a small part of their journey in environmental activism, delivering two inspiring talks.

We were lucky enough to have food and drinks supplied by a group of generous donors: Nail BrewingFlora & Fauna Northbridge, The Herdsman, and Talijancich Wines.

This is Senator Scott Ludlam’s talk as recorded on the evening. Thank you to everyone who was involved in this wonderful event.

EDOWA News June 2017

Welcome to the June edition of the EDOWA News.

We recently visited the Helena and Aurora Range with the Wildflower Society of WA as part of the work we have been doing with several conservation groups to protect this magnificent range from a mining project. You can read about this work here. We are next in the mining Warden’s Court on 30 June. Thank you to the Wilderness Society for creating this video of our trip here!

The end of the financial year is almost upon us, which means that it is time for us to ask existing EDOWA members to renew your membership. If you aren’t already an EDOWA member this is also a perfect time to become one. Membership forms can be found online here.

While we welcomed news from the State and Federal governments that some funding would be restored to the community legal sector, to date EDOWA has not yet been included in any funding package. We continue to encourage the Attorney General and other Ministers to restore some EDOWA funding to ensure our survival beyond the end of this year. This also highlights how vitally important it is for the community to show support by becoming members or donating to ensure there is an independent community legal centre giving voice to the environment.

Join EDOWA & Piddington Society for Land Use Seminar June 29

The Environmental Defender’s Office WA and Piddington Society invite you to attend our CPD Land Use Seminar which will explore developments in Planning, Native Title and Environmental Law.

The seminar is taking place on 29 at the Curtin University city campus Business School, located at 57 Murray Street, from 5.30pm until 9.00pm. Following the seminar will be refreshments and a live performance from award winning band Southern Edge featuring (among other luminaries) notorious Native Title and Land Access lawyers Michael Meegan and Graham Castledine.

Tickets are available via TryBooking.

EDOWA’s Land Use seminar features presentations from:


  • Declan Doherty – Environmental Defender’s Office WA: The new Biodiversity Conservation Act: Opportunities and areas for further reform (CA4)


  • Shannon Davis – Solomon Brothers: Trends and innovation in the property industry (CA2)


  • Mark Gregory – Castledine and Gregory: Planning law: Recent developments in planning and policy law (CA4)


  • Sophie Kilpatrick – Cross Country Native Title Services: Treaties in the native title landscape (CA2/CA3)


  • Robert Cunningham – Curtin University: Information Environmentalism: Theoretical lessons from the contemporary environmental movement when thinking about governance of information in the 21st century (CA1)


  • John Southalan – Resources Law Network: OECD Guidelines and Chinese Due Diligence Guidelines (CA2)


EDOWA extends special thanks to its sponsors Solomon Brothers, Curtin University, and Castledine & Gregory.

You can buy tickets via TryBooking.

Cost: $150
Early Bird Registration: $110 (closing soon)
Piddington Members: $80 (enter the code Pidd at checkout)
EDOWA Members: $80 (enter the code EDO at checkout)

Meet the EDO: Jonathon Davidson, Communications Officer

So you can get to know us better, we are introducing you to all the key players at EDOWA who make sure the office stays running.

Here is a brief chat with Jonathon Davidson, communications all-rounder.

How long have you been with EDO?
I have been working for EDOWA for the better part of six months since first discovering the opportunity in the beginning of 2017. I was lucky enough to learn about the gig through alternative radio station RTRFM 92.1, where EDOWA Principal Solicitor Declan Doherty was a board member in his youth!

What’s the best thing about working at EDOWA?
So often at EDOWA we hear things like, “I had no idea you guys existed – I am so glad I’ve found you!” The best thing about EDOWA is being able to offer legitimate assistance, sometimes to those people who have been more or less laughed out of every other forum. It is rewarding to enable the ‘small players’ to take on big groups.

What is the most challenging thing about working at EDO?
I come to EDOWA from a communications and journalism background, so having to quickly learn legalese has been a challenge. This can be difficult in internal communications materials, particularly with interstate entities, where common terms for widespread practices may not stay uniform. But I love the challenge, and have only refined my skill.

Favourite environmental law case? 
Because I come from the underworld of media and comms, I am unfamiliar with case law . What I can offer is my favourite environmental investigation, conducted by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, who found a series of lakes in India were the collective dumping ground of dozens of pharmaceutical companies, which is now breeding organic superbugs resistant to all widely used antibiotics in India. I am also immensely interested in the toxicity of Dolhpins in the Swan River.

Accessing Environmental Justice Seminar


On 11 May 2017 EDOWA hosted the Accessing Environmental Justice seminar at Flux in Perth. The seminar marked the launch of our Justice for our Environment crowdfunding campaign. We would like to thank our guest speakers former High Court Chief Justice the Hon. Robert French AC, Professor Carmen Lawrence and Professor John Bailey who all delivered engaging and thought provoking presentations. Photographs of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

Please watch our recording of the event below 

Please find below transcript of the presentation given by Carmen Lawrence. 

EDOWA Carmen Lawrence

Scott Ludlam Joining EDOWA @ Centre for Stories, June

EDOWA is pleased to announce Dreaming Greenour next event as part of our crowdfunding campaign.

EDOWA in collaboration with the Centre for Stories is pleased to announce Dreaming Green: Envisioning a Sustainable Future Through Storytelling, with guest speakers Scott Ludlam (Deputy Leader, Australian Greens) and Kate Kelly (Convenor Save Beeliar Wetlands).

Join us on 6 June to celebrate World Environment Day with light supper and drinks at Centre for Stories in Northbridge.

We will be joined by two incredible speakers who will be sharing with us what sparked their passion for environmentalism and sustainability, and their stories since this defining moment.

Light supper will be provided and drinks available for purchase. We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Nail BrewingFlora & Fauna and Talijancich Wines, for their involvement in this event.

Purchase tickets from here.


SCOTT LUDLAM is the Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens and the West Australian Greens representative in the Senate. He was born Palmerston North, New Zealand before moving to Western Australia to study design and later on, policy. He later became an anti-nuclear advocate in Western Australia before becoming increasingly involved in the WA Greens.

KATE KELLY is the convener of the Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign group. She has worked tirelessly to oppose the Roe 8 highway extension, with great success. Kate is a mother of two and has lectured in sustainability at Murdoch University.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to EDOWA 

All donations to EDOWA are tax deductible and are vital to helping us continue to provide access to justice to communities in WA seeking to protect the environment for future generations.

To help us do this we ask you to:

  1. Please make a donation. A big thank you to those who have donated already!
  2. Share our campaign on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn  
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Kind regards,
Declan and the EDO team

Climate Change Policy Discussion Paper – EDOs Of Australia Submission

EDOWA recently contributed to an EDOs of Australia submission to the Department of the Environment and Energy’s (DotEE) Review of Australia’s climate change policies – Discussion Paper.

The objective of this inquiry is to allow a broad review into the suitability of Australia’s Climate Change policies, which include Australian laws produced at the state and federal levels, as well as international agreements.

EDOs of Australia published 12 recommendations as part of the collaborative submission. Those recommendations are:

1. Set long-term and interim reduction targets in climate legislation that will achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals.

2. Put a price on pollution.

3. Consider risks and impacts of 2 degrees warming (or higher) when assessing ‘policy impacts’.

4. Integrate climate considerations, emissions and targets in National Energy Market (NEM) laws and decisions.

5. Strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism and national emissions standards for power stations and mines.

6. Integrate emissions reduction in land-use planning and development laws, and mandate robust mainstream building sustainability standards.

7. Decision-makers must consider the risks and impacts of exported (scope 3) emissions.

8. Adopt a climate change impact trigger and land-clearing trigger under national environmental law (EPBC Act).

9. Identify and reduce subsidies for polluting activities, and support communities in transition.

10. Increase government capacity and resourcing for effective climate change responses.

11. Place robust safeguards on land carbon sector and international carbon units.

12. Link actions on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.