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Fact Sheet on EPA Greenhouse Gas Assessment Guidance

On 14 March 2019 the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) withdrew its revised Environmental Factor Guideline and Technical Guidance on Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG Assessment Guidance) published on 7 March 2019 in order to undertake further consultation. The draft GHG Assessment Guidance and a Background Paper were released on 10 June 2019 for 12 weeks of public consultation ending on 2 September 2019.

EDOWA has published a Q&A style fact sheet that outlines the legislative framework that applies to the EPA’s draft GHG Assessment Guidance and the content of these documents.

The aim of this fact sheet is to inform public submissions and correct some misconceptions in the media surrounding the function and validity of the draft GHG Assessment Guidance. EDOWA encourages interested members of the public to visit the EPA’s consultation hub to make submissions.