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Gondwana Link Workshop

South Western Australia has been identified as one of 35 of the World’s major biodiversity hotspots that are currently threatened by habitat loss and degradation, with our biodiversity being in decline. This is not just due to the changing climate, but is also being caused by human activities such as land clearing, land fragmentation, invasive species and unsuitable use and management of our natural resources. With that in mind, EDOWA has been working with Gondwana Link, on a law reform project that is reviewing existing conservation and biodiversity laws, applicable in Australia’s south-west, for the purposes of identifying law reform opportunities to improve a large scale biodiversity outcomes. In addition to law reform recommendations, other outcomes of the project will include the launch of new and updated EDOWA factsheets relevant to biodiversity conservation.

As part of the Gondwana Link project, the EDOWA hosted a targeted focus session in Albany on 12 October 2017. Participants on the day included local landholders, members of the Western Australia Landcare Network, Greening Australia, Conservation Council of WA, and representatives from DBCA, Gondwana Link and the EDOWA.

The focus session aimed to further inform the project on some of the constraints, barriers and opportunities that stakeholders are facing in their efforts to achieve conservation based outcomes in the south west. Key themes of the day were habitat management and protection, invasive species management, land tenure challenges and fire management.

The day was a great success, with much passion and knowledge ensuring that the project has a great understanding to move forward with. The learnings from this session will now become the focus of the upcoming legal audit, which is central to how we identify and utilise law reform opportunities to improve biodiversity outcomes.