Climate Change Policy Discussion Paper – EDOs Of Australia Submission

EDOWA recently contributed to an EDOs of Australia submission to the Department of the Environment and Energy’s (DotEE) Review of Australia’s climate change policies – Discussion Paper.

The objective of this inquiry is to allow a broad review into the suitability of Australia’s Climate Change policies, which include Australian laws produced at the state and federal levels, as well as international agreements.

EDOs of Australia published 12 recommendations as part of the collaborative submission. Those recommendations are:

1. Set long-term and interim reduction targets in climate legislation that will achieve the Paris Agreement’s goals.

2. Put a price on pollution.

3. Consider risks and impacts of 2 degrees warming (or higher) when assessing ‘policy impacts’.

4. Integrate climate considerations, emissions and targets in National Energy Market (NEM) laws and decisions.

5. Strengthen the Safeguard Mechanism and national emissions standards for power stations and mines.

6. Integrate emissions reduction in land-use planning and development laws, and mandate robust mainstream building sustainability standards.

7. Decision-makers must consider the risks and impacts of exported (scope 3) emissions.

8. Adopt a climate change impact trigger and land-clearing trigger under national environmental law (EPBC Act).

9. Identify and reduce subsidies for polluting activities, and support communities in transition.

10. Increase government capacity and resourcing for effective climate change responses.

11. Place robust safeguards on land carbon sector and international carbon units.

12. Link actions on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.


EDOA Submission: Review of Australia's climate change policies - Discussion Paper