Meet the EDO: Jacob Wotherspoon, Piddington Society Paralegal

So you can get to know us better, we are introducing you to all the key players at EDOWA who make sure the office stays running. In case you missed it in our April newsletter, here is a brief chat with Piddington Society paralegal, Jacob Wotherspoon.

How long have you been with EDO?
I have been working as a paralegal for EDOWA, in conjunction with the Piddington Society Justice Project, for the last 2 months.

What’s the best thing about working at EDO?
Highlights of my experience so far with EDOWA include preparation of legal documents and records pertinent to casework, and being instrumental in the provision of legal advice to members of the community.

What is the most challenging thing about working at EDO?
Daily operations at EDOWA require a diverse range of responsibilities to be undertaken. With EDOWA I am learning to develop skills and traits crucial to a professional law setting which typically are not covered in academic coursework.

Favourite environmental law case? 
Telstra Corporation Limited v Hornsby Shire Council (2006) 67 NSWLR 256. This was a case where Telstra sought to improve a council’s mobile reception, and the council was worried about the (non-existent) health and safety impacts of the antenna. Preston CJ pens a defining judgment on the precautionary principle. I am interested in this case for it touched upon larger themes of community education and public awareness of environmental matters.