Statement of Strategic Priorities 2017

The EDOWA’s key priorities for 2017 are:

  • State-based action on climate change – we will both identify and promote the pathways for the State to take better account of national and international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This will include scrutiny of environmental impact assessment and approvals processes in respect of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as advocating for a WA Climate Change Act, drawing on the experience of other domestic legislation.
  • Protection of WA’s biodiversity – we will use existing legislation (including the new Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (WA) (BC Act)) to advise on and advocate for better protection of WA’s biodiversity. We will promote the reform opportunities of the new BC Act by contributing submissions on the draft regulations and proposing amendments to strengthen the Act.
  • National coordination of EDOs – following recent discussions about improved coordination of the EDOs across Australia, we will explore ways to access the expertise and greater resources of other EDOs to assist clients with strategic litigation projects with national significance (e.g. national cases for climate action). We will also provide input into national law reform projects (e.g. the 2017 review of the Commonwealth government’s climate change policies), to ensure that those projects include a WA perspective.
  • Law reform – we will consider undertaking other law reform work in response to government actions and legislative agendas, including access to justice (e.g. 3rd party appeal rights; the creation of a specialised land and environment court; and challenges to environmental activism rights) and water law.

We will undertake a variety of activities to deliver these priorities, including:

  • advising and representing community groups and individuals;
  • strategic advocacy to promote law reform, including engagement with politicians, government agencies, EDO members and the general public;
  • coordinating with client and other civil society and academic organisations to undertake interdisciplinary research to develop materials in support of law reform and community engagement;
  • delivering community seminars and workshops on high priority strategic issues; and
  • providing updated and accessible fact sheets and other environmental legal information to the community.

At an organisational level, we plan to:

  • Attract additional supporters and funding
  • Develop a Communications and Engagement Plan
  • Continue reform of governance (EDO WA (Inc) Rules, policies & NACLC1 Guidelines) and national linkages
  • Maintain and increase staffing and management committee membership
  • Reinvigorate our Volunteer and Graduate Programs
  • Transition to an electronic file management system

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