Protecting the Fitzroy Basin

In Court

Rey Resources has applied for a licence to build its Duchess Paradise coal mine, almost 200 kilometres south-east of Derby, near the Fitzroy River.  The Environmental Protection Authority has determined that the Duchess Paradise Project shall be assessed at the level of Public Environmental Review.

The EDOWA is representing a traditional owner who has lodged an objection to Rey Resources being granted a mining licence for the coal project.  Our client raises a number of issues in her objection including that the Fitzroy River forms part of one of the largest networks of unregulated tropical rivers in the world and has unique wilderness values, that the Camballin floodplain within the Fitzroy River catchment is an important refuge for nationally and internationally significant migratory birds; that the Fitzroy River has great spiritual and cultural significant for indigenous people in the region and that mining development cumulatively is likely to impact negatively on the flow regime and water quality in the Fitzroy River and its tributaries.

The matter is next listed in Court in February 2017.

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