EDOWA in Court with native title landowner to stop fracking

In Court

Micklo Corpus is a Yawuru traditional owner of country in and around Broome, and has been camping at the entrance to Buru Energy’s Yulleroo gas field for a several years.  Buru Energy is planning to frack two wells at the site 70 kilometres east of Broome to test the potential of the process to produce commercial quantities of gas.  “My intention here is to protect my country, and that’s what I’m all about,” Mr Corpus said.

The Guardian writes:

“Corpus says trucks and other vehicles belonging to Buru have tried to enter the site, which is approved for exploration, 15 times since he has been there without first notifying the Nyamba Buru Yawuru Aboriginal Corporation. Thirteen times he has turned them back.

Once they threatened to bring in a crane to move his car, which was parked across the driveway. Corpus was unperturbed. “I told them, ‘I’ve got two star pickets in the back, I’ll use them’,” he says. That’s when the police were called.

“They got the police to move me off country,” he says. “I said: ‘This is my country, and you guys know that.’ ” The police replied: “Mick, we’ve got a job to do. At this point in time, they’re lawful.”

Still, he persists.  “Me just being at the gate there is making them accountable to our office,” he says. “Just the presence, I think, and to maintain that presence to keep them honest.”

EDOWA is assisting Mr Corpus challenge a Building notice that has been served on him by the Broome Council, which would force him to remove his camp leaving him unable to monitor his land.  The matter is listed for final hearing in the State Administrative Tribunal in December 2016.

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