WA Shark Cull: Premier releases Public Environmental Review for Public Comment

The WA Department of the Premier and Cabinet’s proposal to set up to 60 static baited drum lines off Perth and Southwest coast beaches from 15 November – 30 April 2014 for the next three years (2014 – 17), and to deploy up to 12 drum lines in any WA waters (including Ningaloo Coast and Shark Bay World/National Heritage Areas) at any time of the year in response to shark sightings, has released its Public Environmental Review (PER) for public comment.  The PER represents the Premier’s views about the environmental impacts that will occur, or he believes are reasonably likely to occur, if the proposed drum line program is approved.  The WA Environmental Protection Authority is undertaking an environmental impact assessment of the proposed drum line program under both the WA Environmental Protection Act 1986 and, pursuant to its agreement with the Commonwealth, the Federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The proposed drum line program continues and expands the controversial drum line program that was conducted between 26 January and 30 April this year.  EDOWA represented Sea Shepherd Australia Ltd in its unsuccessful attempt to halt this year’s programe under State law.  As before, the proposed drum line program targets Great White, Tiger and Bull sharks 3m or more in length, which the Premier and State government have determined to represent a threat to public safety and the health of the State’s marine tourism industry.

Members of the public have until 7 July 2014 to lodge their comments/submissions with the WA EPA in response to the PER and its supporting appendices.