WA Supreme Court refuses to stop Government’s Shark Cull (PDF) March 2014

EDOWA is disappointed by Justice Edelman’s 5 March 2014 decision, rejecting our effort, on behalf of Sea Shepherd Australia Ltd and Sharon Burden, to stop the State from placing baited drum lines off Metropolitan and South West beaches to catch sharks that are supposed to be protected under State and Commonwealth laws.

In his decision, Justice Edelman determined that the State did not have to gazette the exemptions it gave itself from complying with the provisions of the Fish Resources Management Act 1994, thus removing the core premise of our action – that the shark cull violated that law.  If the State had been required to gazette the exemptions, then its activities could have been prohibited by the Act until after gazettal – or the conclusion of Parliamentary review and debate about the shark cull in the wake of gazettal.