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The Great Bee Cull 

We would like to sincerely thank all our members and supporters for your generous contribution to The Great Bee Cull Fundraiser event this month.   Your support  will help to ensure EDOWA is able to continue to assist the public to protect the environment and access environmental justice. A special thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and participated in making the night a huge success; Jane Genovese & Peter Langlands (Fundraising organisers), Katrina Bercov & Elisa Williams (Strictly Hypothetical) and the panel members; Natalie Banks, Professor Martin Drum, Tiffane Bates and Catrina-Luz Aniere.

Annual General Meeting

We welcome all members to our next AGM.  Members are welcome to stand for election or nominate another member to the Management Committee.  You can contact us for further information on nominations.

Date - Wednesday 29 October 2014 at 6.00pm

Time - 6.00pm sharp

Venue - WA Trustee Building, Level 2, 133 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA

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Shark Cull Knocked Back 

Precautionary Principle Awakens From Coma

EDOWA is delighted that the WA EPA yesterday (11 September) recommended that the Premier’s proposed Shark Hazard Mitigation Drum Line proposal should NOT be implemented.

This is a great day for all those who have been working hard to stop the State government’s controversial program.  Since January this year, EDOWA has been battling for clients seeking to stop the program from being implemented. In February, for example, we sought an injunction in the Supreme Court on behalf of Sea Shepherd and Sharon Burden seeking to stop the 3-month, “trial” program that the Commonwealth government had exempted from undergoing Federal review.  To our disappointment, the Court rejected our attempt to prohibit the trial program in March, though at least the Court declined to award the State its costs. Subsequently and again on behalf of Sea Shepherd, we lodged submissions opposing a longer-term 3-year program with both the State and Federal governments.

In yesterday’s media release, EPA’s chairman said;

“At this stage, the available information and evidence does not provide the EPA with a high level of confidence. In view of these uncertainties, the EPA has adopted a cautious approach by recommending against the proposal.”

It is rare to see the Precautionary Principle invoked to reject a proposal and hopefully today’s decision marks the beginning of a new era in which, when faced with uncertainty and lack of scientific evidence, the EPA will err on the side of caution in favour of the environment.

For the next two weeks appeals to the appeals convenor regarding this decision will be open. EDOWA does not anticipate that there will be any appeals to this decision. We earnestly hope that the WA Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, will accept the EPA recommendations.  However, if the Minister chooses to approve the program, in spite of the EPA recommendations, EDOWA expects it will be asked to wade into the fray yet again.

For more information, go to:  http://www.epa.wa.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx


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The EDO is a non-profit, non-government community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law. Our services include:

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Protection of WA's environment by providing individuals and community groups with environmental legal services including advice, education, representation and opportunity to participate in reform of laws affecting the environment. 

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