The Environmental Defender’s Office of Western Australia (EDOWA) is a not-for-profit and non-government organisation that specialises in public interest environmental law.

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  • In Court

    Protecting the Fitzroy Basin

    Rey Resources has applied for a licence to build its Duchess Paradise coal mine, almost 200 kilometres south-east of Derby, near the Fitzroy River.  The Environmental Protection Authority has determined that the Duchess Paradise Project shall be assessed at the level of Public Environmental Review. The EDOWA is representing a traditional owner who has lodged... Read more »

  • In Court

    Protecting the Helena Aurora range from mining

    The Helena and Aurora Range (Aboriginal name ‘Bungalbin’) is a magnificent banded ironstone formation (BIF) range in Western Australia. 10 years ago, the State’s Environment minister of the day announced these ranges would become a national park. But a few days later, cabinet overturned the decision, downgrading the area to a conservation park, which despite... Read more »

  • In Court

    EDOWA in Court with native title landowner to stop fracking

    Micklo Corpus is a Yawuru traditional owner of country in and around Broome, and has been camping at the entrance to Buru Energy’s Yulleroo gas field for a several years.  Buru Energy is planning to frack two wells at the site 70 kilometres east of Broome to test the potential of the process to produce... Read more »

“Empowering the community to protect the environment through law”

Protection of WA’s environment by providing individuals and community groups with environmental legal services including advice, education, representation and opportunity to participate in reform of laws affecting the environment.

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    Hi, I am Victoria

    “I began studying law with the hope that I would eventually be in a position to affect environmental change. EDO happens to be the place where this kind of ambition is a tangible reality.  While volunteering at EDO I have found that fellow volunteers and staff members are incredibly dedicated, friendly and hard-working. Teamwork comes naturally because everyone involved wants to be here.”

    Victoria Sozzi
    EDOWA Volunteer

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    Hi, I am Jess


    “Volunteering at the EDO has provided me with an opportunity apply the skills I learnt at law school to help a diverse group of people protect the environment. It has been an incredible experience that has taught me a lot about the practical application of the law in the defence of the environment.”

    Jess Sackman

    EDOWA Volunteer

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    Hi, I am Iva

    “I gained a PhD in marine biology at the University of Queensland and worked for many years as an environmental scientist for the oil and gas industry in Western Australia.  I later trained as a lawyer at Murdoch University and worked as a corporate and resources lawyer, mainly in Mongolia.  Upon my return to Western Australia, I continued to work for a period of time for a junior oil and gas company.  I have volunteered at the EDO on a part-time basis since early 2015 and have  provided assistance for matters involving the Biosecurity and Agricultural Management Act, the Environmental Protection Act and Mining Act. I find the work enjoyable and rewarding. ”

    Iva Stejskal
    EDOWA Volunteer